Pachamama, meaning Mother Earth in Quechua (the native language used by the Incas in Perú), is a tribute to the one, huge, living organism floating in space which gives life to every single one of us. A tribute to the perfect timing in life that puts everything together at the right moment, in the right place, so that all of us can be walking, breathing, laughing, creating, experimenting, listening. Every composition on the album talks a bit about the Pachamama and its habitants. It could be a Guacamayo (macaw) taking flight, a Shipiba (healer from the Amazon jungle) like Elisa Vargas chanting, a poet like Nicomedes studying, or anything or anybody that is trying to make the world a more beautiful place

“Super album!!” Ruth Fisher de Jazz FM

“PHISQA: a solid fusion of jazz and Peruvian rhythms” Diario Jaén (Jaen, Spain)

“A superior project: six stars” Diario El Ideal (Granada, Spain)

“Peruvian Jazz from Phisqa catches your ear by combining thriving rhythms from the Andes with the splendid musicanship of some of the finest european jazz musicians!” Jazz Am Sunntig (Berlin, Germany)

“we had a full hall! with a very enthusiastic audience who could discover the music of Phisqa, an original project, powerful and great music. Quality!” MLAB (Bordeaux, France)

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